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About Us

At TRAILCREST®, we’ve been pursuing the thrill of the hunt since 1982. With a fierce love for the great outdoors, we originally geared up as a quality apparel brand in theoutdoor, hunting and military markets. Those same boot-deep values continue to drive you today: Offer the ultimate in safety, empower the freedom of being at one with nature, and promote honest-to-goodness fun for the entire family.

Choose TRAILCREST®. Chase the very best.

Behind the Crest

TRAILCREST® is a 3rd-generation family-owned business. When the gang was younger, we never wanted to come back indoors – regardless of the time of day or night. The wild treasures hidden across nature’s playground had always captivated our imaginations. That inspiration is what started it all.

Beyond the Trail

Today, TRAILCREST® outfits a wide range of audiences. We have taken our designs and innovations beyond the trail, and steadily introduce radically new clothing and gear for both the discerning outdoorsman and the proud hunter. Our brand is now the family standard for everyone from the sharp shooter to the fashion-happy.

Behind the Patterns

The designs on TRAILCREST® apparel are more than just patterns; they are works of art. Each camouflage pattern is painstakingly created from real trees, leaves and open spaces. Our artists bring these images together to create realistic patterns that blend in naturally with a number of environments and weather conditions.

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Beyond the Camo

From the advanced technology in every layer to the quality of the construction, clothing bearing the TRAILCREST® stamp are proof of our trailblazing achievements in design, production, fit, durability, utility and fashion. Our logo also serves as a badge that promises incredible value to both the consumer and the retailer.

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